What Should Be in Your Towing Service Bill

Details in Towing

For the sake of your recordkeeping, obtaining insurance reimbursement, and providing proof in the event that you need to fight charges, having an exact and complete towing invoice is crucial. It’s possible that some of the fees shown on your bill for towing are even mandated by law.

Make sure that the towing service provider gives you a receipt that includes all six of the essential pieces of information:

Date and time of the tow request

On the invoice, the name of the individual or business that requested the towing service, along with the date and time that the call was placed, should be included. In addition to that, it should include the location from whence the vehicle was towed as well as the location to which it was ultimately delivered.

Detailed towed vehicle information

The driver should have documented your car’s make, model, year, color, license plate number, registered state, and vehicle identification number. This information must be documented to distinguish your car from others.

Reason for tow

The reason for the tow should also be listed on the receipt; for example, the requirement for transport services may have been precipitated by an accident, a technical problem, or a flat tire. This is a significant point that needs to be taken into consideration before filing a claim for insurance.

Tow truck and driver details

The owner of the vehicle ought to be aware of the driver’s name and license number at all times. In addition to that, the license plate number of the tow vehicle itself needs to be included.

Itemized description of tow services

A legitimate towing invoice shouldn’t only list the total. Each charge should be shown. So you know the towing firm isn’t overcharging. List each administrative cost and service. Especially for non-consent tows.

Storage facility charges

The towing invoice must include all applicable fees and rates if the vehicle was stored at the towing company’s location. In addition to the name and photo ID of the person who picked up the vehicle, they should also mention the total number of days it was stored.

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