4 Factors That Can Affect the Cost of Your Towing Service

Insights From a Provider of Cheap Car Towing Service in Buffalo, NY

All car owners are prone to experience a car breakdown. While proper vehicle upkeep can help prevent vehicle mishaps, it is not enough. You still need to secure the full contact details of a reliable company that can provide you with a cheap car towing service for your own peace of mind. But how much does it really cost? That’s what you’ll learn today! Here are the four factors that can affect the cost of your towing service:


First is the distance. How far your towing contractor must tow your vehicle will greatly affect its cost. You can expect your towing contractor to have a minimum charge. This will cover the business cost like fuel costs. The average minimum cost is usually about $50. This normally covers a towing distance between five to ten miles. Bear in mind that different companies have various minimum mileage amount. So make sure to ask your towing contractor beforehand and don’t just assume.

Complexity of the Job

Aside from the distance, the complexity of the job can greatly affect the cost of towing service too. Is the road going to your current location muddy? Perhaps, your vehicle breaks down on a steep slope. Or maybe, your vehicle needs to be winched as it goes into thick snow.

Size of Vehicle

How large the car that needs to be towed can also affect the professional towing cost. You can’t expect a cheap car towing service if your vehicle is huge. The cost of towing a 4-door sedan differs from the cost of towing large SUVs. There is usually a difference of $10 to $35. Again, each company varies. So make sure to ask estimates before settling to any towing contractor.

Time of Day

What time of the day would you need towing service can also affect its cost. While there are companies that offer around-the-clock services, this does not mean the cost of their towing services for the entire day is the same. Regular towing hours are normally between 8 am to 8 pm. Outside these hours, you might need to pay at least $5 more.

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