How to Be Prepared for a Breakdown

Essential Items to Keep in Your Car in Case You Need Roadside Assistance in Buffalo, NY

No one likes to think that they will breakdown and require roadside assistance. However, the sad fact is, cars, like everything else will eventually breakdown, no matter how well they are maintained. Which is why I decided to create this post on what to carry in your car to be better prepared.

1. Hazard triangle, this is important for alerting other road users to steer clear of you, and to signal that you have a problem.

2. Hi-viz bib, this is needed, more so in the evenings so you can be clearly seen by other road users.

3. Breakdown service contact information and insurance details, most breakdown recovery services will provide you with a card which will contain all the essential information needed in case of a breakdown.

4. Replacement fuses and bulbs, for any on the spot repairs, as safety will frequently depend on visibility.

5. Spare tire and jack, if should you not know how to change a tire, the chances are good that someone else will. However, I strongly suggest that you learn.

6. Mobile phone and in car charger, no one wants to be caught in an emergency with no means of communication.

7. Road map, even when you have a SatNav, often, a good-old fashioned map is hard to beat.

8. First-aid kit that contains all the basics needed for patching up in emergencies.

9. Sealed water, which can be used for either drinking or to top up the radiator or windscreen-washer in your car.

10. Non-perishable food such as crisps, cereal bars, etc.

11. Loose change that can be used for payphones, tolls, and car parks.

12. Umbrella and waterproof coat, these will prove invaluable when you have to wait outside your car or walk somewhere in the pouring down rain!

This concludes the post of Joe's Towing, the next time you need roadside assistance in or around the Buffalo, NY area, remember to call me at (716) 202-2174. Until then, stay safe when driving on the road.

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